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This is the replacement water chamber for the Luna II CPAP and Luna II Auto CPAP devices. It features a 360 mL water capacity with a max fill line and should be replaced regularly or if it develops cracks or discoloration.

  • Replacement water chamber for Luna II CPAP and Luna II Auto CPAP devices.
  • 360 mL water capacity.
  • Clearly labeled with a maximum fill line.
  • Should be replaced every 3-6 months or if chamber develops cracks or discoloration.
  • 90-day warranty.
  • Sold individually.
Color MPN
N/A LG24510
  • H2O Therapy Pressure: 4-20 cm
  • Ramp Time: 5-60 minutes (5-minute Increments)
  • Dimensions: 10.75”w x 7.25”d
    x 4.5”h (device)
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs. (device)
  • Water Capacity: 360 ml
  • Humidifier Settings: Off, 1-5 (95°F-154°F / 35°C-68°C)
  • Humidifier Output: ≥10 mg H2O/L
  • Warranty: Two Years Limited (device), Three Months (accessories)