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What is the warranty on Pride Products?

Pride Mobility Products Corporation provides different warranties for different products and components. However, the specifics of the warranty can depend on the product model and the region in which it was purchased. Here are some general details:

Limited Lifetime Warranty: For certain mobility products, Pride offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame of the product.

Other Components: There might be a separate warranty for electronic components, drivetrains, or other parts of the mobility device, typically covering a shorter period such as one or two years.

Labor: Pride may also provide a limited period (for instance, six months to a year) during which they cover labor costs for warranty repairs.

For further and more accurate details please check the specific warranty tab information provided under each product or contact HV Supply LLC directly for the most updated information. It's also important to note that warranties often require the owner to maintain the product appropriately and use it as intended, or the warranty may be voided.