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Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss in the microAIR MA900 Lateral Rotation Low Air Loss Mattress System help provide Pressure Relief and Moisture Management, with built-in Side Bolsters for added safety

  • Alternating pressure therapy uses pressure redistribution to relieve pressure on skin surfaces and bony prominences. The air cells on the mattress slowly inflate and deflate under the user at a predetermined or adjustable cycle time. Low Air Loss is a feature of a therapeutic support surface that provides a flow of air to assist in managing the heat and humidity (microclimate) of the skin, reducing excess moisture.
  • Lateral Rotation feature rotates the user from side to side to cyclically change pressure points on the body. The MA900 mattress can rotate the user 20 degrees or 40 degrees side to side.
  • The MA900 alternating pressure system is intended for individuals from medium-high risk of pressure sores or stages I-IV.
  • 10 adjustable comfort settings depending on the patient’s therapy requirement. Auto Firm Mode provides quick maximum inflation within seconds to aid with transfers and nursing procedures.
  • Cell in cell design helps prevent bottoming out in the event of a power failure.

Item Height: 10"

Item Length: 80"

Item Width: 36"

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.

Warranty Description: Limited Warranty 1 Year (Cover/Mattress), 1 Year (Power Unit)

Type: Lateral Rotation

Therapy Type: Lateral Rotation: Continuous 20° and 40° Lateral Rotation Therapy
True Low Air Loss

Specifications: Mattress length: 80 inches
Mattress width: 36 inches
Mattress height: 10 inches
Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
External exhaust: Keeps mattress cooler and the pump quieter
Foam base: Helps prevent bottoming out in the event of power failure

Group: Group II

Flow Rate: 1275 LPM

Family: microAIR

Cycle Time: 3-95 mins

Package Height: 59.04"

Package Length: 41.04"

Package Width: 27"

Number of Boxes: 2

Item Package Weight: 54 lbs.