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Carex PB Style Chin Strap, Ruby Red

by Carex
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The Carex Snug-Style CPAP Chin Strap presents an ideal solution for those who may experience problems associated with open mouth-breathing during sleep therapy. Over time CPAP headgear and chinstraps may need occasional replacement as they become stretched or lose elasticity over time. For optimal comfort and effectiveness of your CPAP treatment, purchase a new chinstrap for your mask today. 

  • One size fits most. Hook and loop straps give users a way to adjust until the sleep apnea headgear is at a comfortable fit. The one-size-fits-most design makes the snoring head strap comfortable and easy to use.
  • Features a chin cut-out to relieve tension. The chin strap for sleeping features an apnea chin strap cut-out to cushion the chin without applying too much pressure or leaving marks. The sleep apnea head straps chin cut-out provides an extra level of comfort for better sleep.
  • Helps stop snoring. Snoring can inhibit you from getting a good night's rest. The chin strap for snoring properly keeps your mouth closed to prevent snoring. If you're looking for a chin strap to stop snoring, this is it.
  • Works in unison with CPAP machines. The sleep apnea strap's adjustable feature makes it an excellent chin strap for CPAP machines. You won't have to worry about the sleep apnea chin strap interfering with your CPAP equipment.
  • Includes one 34.5" x 1 1/8" attractive ruby red strap.
Color MPN
Ruby Red  FGC13400 0000