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Arion SlideX

by Arion
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Title: Medium

SlideX provides an effective solution for donning and doffing medical compression stocking, high tights and tights in case of high skin sensitivity, leg ulcers and/or irregular sizes/forms of limbs for patients and caregivers. Shall be used in combination with other Arion products such as the Easy-Slide, Sim-Slide, Magnide and Magnide 2-in-1.

  • Unique above ankle extension, especially beneficial to avoid unnecessary pressure or friction of stockings fabric over the skin
  • For donning and doffing medical compression tights and pantyhose by caregivers and especially for wearers with irregular size and form of limb
  • To be used in combination with Easy-Slide, Sim-Slide, Magnide or Magnide 2-in-1
  • Extremely smooth, durable and tear-resistant material and easily washable by hand