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Actimove Professional Shoulder Abduction Sling, Blue

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Actimove Shoulder Abduction Sling is designed to aid pain relief by immobilizing the shoulder joint. It limits the range of motion, providing rest for the shoulder in a flexed elbow position and upper-arm abduction at around 15°. Patients will appreciate the easy one-handed application and the comfort of the soft, breathable and washable material.

  • Easy to apply and to remove, even with one hand, thanks to the stable snap-lock buckle connecting the strap with the pocket, and the quick release buckle attached to the waist strap.
  • Designed to aid pain relief through shoulder immobilization at the upper-arm abduction at around 15°.
  • Secure and tailored fit for most patients through the extra-long waist strap of which can be adjusted in length.
  • Increased comfort through the adjustable padded neck strap reducing the pressure on the neck.
  • Increased patient comfort during prolonged wear as the perforated material allows for breathability.

Uses: Fields of application include: Minor instability of the shoulder (e.g., dorsal instability); Postoperative use (e.g., after rotator cuff rupture); Joint dislocations (e.g., shoulder luxation).

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