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Actimove Mitella Kids Arm Sling, Universal, Blue

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Actimove Mitella for Kids is a child-friendly arm support with a fun and colorful pocket to make kids, parents and clinicians smile. It provides stable support with universal pediatric sizing, fitting most smaller patients.

  • Distract girls and boys from an often-traumatic situation through the unique, playful pattern.
  • Help to drive compliance in children by providing comfort while wearing the sling.
  • Simple to apply and adjust for an individual fit by using the freely rotating O-rings.
  • Gentle pocket material protects clothes while also protecting casts or bandages from moisture and dirt.


Uses: Fields of application: Support while wearing a cast or splint, fracture management (e.g. clavicle, scapular, humeral, and greater tuberosity fractures), temporary arm stabilization in emergency/paramedic care, joint dislocations (e.g. acromioclavicular & sternoclavicular dislocations, shoulder luxation), postoperative support, minor instability of the shoulder, support for hemiplegic patients.

Size Color BNR 
Universal Blue 7456113